Women’s hair loss solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all. Different women have different needs and different goals, and at AMS Designs, Inc., our job is to accommodate them—offering only the highest-quality women’s hair solutions across the board. As such, we are proud to give our clients access to a full line of wigs, allowing them to quickly take control of their appearance and to feel like themselves again.

We are especially happy to have wigs for hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, and other medical conditions. For women who are experiencing sudden hair loss due to illness, or foresee hair loss in the near future, a wig can provide a quick solution. And, as you wear your wig, you can talk to a stylist about more permanent solutions, such as a women’s hair system.

About Our Wigs for Hair Loss

We always have a variety of wigs on hand, right here in our Chicago salon. What’s more, we keep a wide range of caps in stock, allowing women to try different ones and ensure they know what kind of fit they should be seeking.

For most women, the best results come from ordering a custom wig. We can do all the measurements and order a wig that’s made from real human hair and ensured to be of the highest quality. This allows you to choose exactly the look, color, and style you’re after—whether that means replicating your natural hair or choosing a whole new look altogether!  

Learn More About Our Wigs for Women

At AMS Designs, Inc., we want women to feel like they can always find a hair loss solution they’re comfortable with—and for some women, that means a wig.

For more than three decades, we’ve been a national leader in hair restoration. We are highly trained in the latest hair replacement techniques, and we offer only the finest wigs from the world’s best wig-makers. To learn more about whether or not a wig is right for you, make an appointment with AMS Designs, Inc. today.