For many women who face hair loss, a custom hair system represents the most sensible solution. Women’s hair restoration systems come with a number of major advantages, starting with the fact that they offer a permanent solution to your thinning hair, without requiring anything in the way of surgical intervention.

What’s more, it’s easy to be fitted for a custom hair system, and to ensure you get one that looks and fits just right. The first step is visiting us at AMS Designs, Inc., where we’ll evaluate your scalp condition and walk you through the hair restoration systems for women that we offer.

About Our Hair Restoration Systems for Women

At AMS Designs, Inc., we’re proud to offer hair systems from some of the world’s leading manufacturers—and all of them are customized to give you the look you desire. Though each hair system is individualized, they all work in basically the same way: First, our stylists take some careful measurements, ensuring your hair system fits snugly and precisely. We then have your hair system made, a process that may take a few weeks.

Once your hair system is complete, we’ll ensure that the cap fits to your scalp; this cap is a super-thin membrane, and into that membrane we’ll insert real, human hairs, one at a time. From there, our stylists can cut, color, and style the hair however you like it.

The Benefits of Women’s Hair Restoration Systems

Your hair system will provide you with a natural-looking hairline; nobody will be able to tell you’re wearing a hair system, not unless you tell them! And, it allows you to have full-bodied hair, including the length and volume you want, cut into the style you want.

What’s more, women’s hair systems are compatible with any lifestyle—including vigorous athletics. And, these systems provide permanent results. The only maintenance that’s required is that you come to AMS Designs, Inc. every few weeks to meet with a stylist—just as you would for any regular haircut.

Is a Woman’s Hair System Right for You?

Something we take pride in at AMS Designs, Inc. is our belief that there’s no one “correct” treatment for hair loss; different women have different needs, and we want to help each client find the right treatment to address those needs.

As such, we invite all new clients to have a complimentary consultation, where we can help determine the scope of your hair loss and the overall health of your scalp. From there, we’ll talk you through some of the available options, in a friendly and informal setting. And if you decide that a hair system is right for you, we will get you fitted for one right away!

Schedule an Appointment

AMS Designs, Inc. is a leading name in hair restoration; we’re not just stylists, but also educators and innovators in women’s hair replacement. We are proud to provide women’s hair restoration systems for Chicago and beyond. Reach out to AMS Designs, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with one of our stylists.