For women, the prospect of hair loss can be devastating—but that doesn’t mean the situation is hopeless. Far from it, in fact; there are a number of hair restoration solutions that are both safe and effective. Here at AMS Designs, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, we are pleased to offer our clients a full spectrum of hair replacement options.

These options include wigs and extensions, custom hair systems, and everything in between. One option that’s increasingly popular is hair integration, which serves as a good “middle ground”—it’s a move beyond extensions, and it’s a good stepping stone to a full hair system.

We invite you to learn more about hair integration, and about the myriad options we offer women faced with hair loss.

What’s a Hair Integration System?

A hair integration system comes pre-designed; it’s worn on the scalp and has openings cut into it through which you can fit your natural, growing hair. This is matched with additional human hair, which is fit strategically around the growing hair. In other words, it allows you to augment what’s on your head and to cover areas that have thinned out—offering you additional fullness and body.

The result is a natural-looking hairline and a return to robust volume and length—and, a good way to transition into a custom hair system. To be fitted for a hair integration system, we invite you to join us at AMS Designs, Inc. at your next convenience.

Being Fitted for Hair Integration

It’s important to note that, at AMS Designs, Inc., we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. On the contrary, we believe that each client has unique needs, and we always provide custom solutions. That’s why we invite new clients to have a free scalp evaluation. In a private and relaxed setting, we’ll perform this brief, non-invasive exam to get a better sense of your overall hair and scalp health. That way, we can have a better sense of your hair restoration needs.

Following your evaluation and a free laser treatment, we’ll talk with you about some of the hair replacement options that we recommend—such as hair integration. And if that’s the route you choose, we can take some measurements right away, ensuring you get a hair integration system that fits comfortably and looks completely natural.

Hair Restoration Solutions from AMS Designs Inc.

When you start noticing hair loss, it can be dispiriting. It may even seem hopeless. But it never is. At AMS Designs, Inc., we have decades of experience helping women look and feel like themselves again. We are educators and innovators in our field, and proud to deliver best-in-class solutions such as hair integration systems.

Learn more about the options available to you for hair replacement. Reach out to AMS Designs, Inc. in Chicago and schedule your consultation today.