At AMS Designs, Inc., we take pride in offering a wide array of women’s hair solutions. Different women come to us with myriad hair loss needs and varied goals, and it’s our job to help each one discover the best solution for them. Many women come to our Chicago studio curious about hair extensions and hair toppers—and our stylists are more than happy to show them some options!

If you’re struggling with hair loss, we invite you to join us at AMS Designs, Inc. today. We’ll give you a complimentary exam, where we simply take a look at the overall health of your hair and scalp, then recommend some solutions that are tailored to fit your needs. During this process, we’re happy to demonstrate the value of extensions and toppers.

Hair Extensions and Hair Toppers

Generally, these solutions are recommended for women whose hair loss is more minor, or who are in the earliest stages of hair loss. Extensions and toppers are non-invasive ways to replace the hair you’ve lost, and they can also be good stepping stones toward full, custom hair systems.

Extensions are integrated into your growing hair to add volume of length. Hair toppers, meanwhile, are applied at the top of the head, and can provide even fuller results—including added fullness and height.

No matter the hair restoration treatment you’re interested in, our stylists can make sure you find something that fits properly and provides you just the look you’ve been seeking.

Hair Extensions and Hair Toppers from AMS Designs Inc.

For 32 years, we’ve been a leading name in women’s hair restoration. We’re innovators and educators within our field, and we’ve won the trust of clients throughout Chicago, and from such far-off places as Florida and New York.

Part of that comes down to our commitment to helping women find the ideal solution to meet their needs—and sometimes, that involves extensions and toppers. Learn more about these hair restoration solutions by making an appointment with AMS Designs, Inc. today.