For women, hair loss is never welcome. In fact, the prospect of thinning hair can be almost traumatic, especially because the thought of baldness feels so permanent. It doesn’t have to be, however. There are always solutions available to restore a woman’s hair fullness and length, her volume and her natural hairline. The first step to finding the right solution is to meet with the stylists at AMS Designs, Inc. in Chicago.

For more than three decades, we’ve been leading experts in women’s hair replacement. We are innovators and educators in the field, and we remain on the cutting edge of hair loss treatments for women. We’re able to help our clients identify the scope of their hair loss, and the overall health of their scalp and follicles. From there, we can help them recognize a hair loss treatment that meets their needs.

AMS Designs, Inc. proudly offers hair loss treatments that have been tested and verified as safe and effective. For many of our clients, we recommend hair systems, which offer lasting and natural-looking results without requiring any kind of surgical intervention. For other women who visit us in our salon, we emphasize wigs, extensions, toppers, or hair integration.

We’re not here to push a product or treatment you don’t need. Our job is to help you achieve the look you want, and to feel like yourself again. Start the process by scheduling a complimentary consultation with AMS Designs, Inc.; call us now! 

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  • I have some feelings I’ve been wanting to share with you and Tony. Over the last two years, my self-confidence has increased beyond my wildest dreams. Before I started wearing my hair piece, I wouldn’t even sit outside in the sunlight for fear someone would notice how thin my hair was. Now I go swimming, I can sunbathe, and I even go on the Screaming Eagle roller coaster at Great America. I’ve been in snow storms and rain storms. Sure, my hair gets messed up but it never comes off and no one even knows it’s a hair piece.

    — Doris

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