There’s more than one way to curb the effects of hair loss, and to restore your hairline to its natural fullness. At AMS Designs, Inc., we’re on the cutting edge of hair restoration techniques, and are proud to provide each client with custom solutions—all of them proven to be safe and effective, and all of them tailored to meet the client’s individual needs. These solutions include hair regrowth products, which can be applied topically to stimulate new growth.

Are these hair loss products right for you? The best way to tell is to come meet with us in our Chicago salon space. Through a one-one-one consultation with one of our stylists, you can get a better sense of the scope of your hair loss, and the overall health of your scalp. And, you can learn more about the topical thickening and re-growth products that might make a difference for you.

Our Commitment to Hair Regrowth Products

At AMS Designs, Inc., we’re proud to provide our clients with products from the Capilia line. Capilia is an international leader in hair loss products. It’s a full line-up of shampoos, conditioners, and lotions, all of them made with 100 percent active natural ingredients, carefully chosen for their quality and their performance.

Basically, these products work by improving the health of your scalp, making your head a better environment for hair to grow. And in meeting with one of our stylists, you can learn which specific products will be most effective for your scalp needs. Our brief examination will help us get a good sense of the scalp problems you’re dealing with, and we’ll then recommend Capilia products to match. We might also mention that you use these hair regrowth products in tandem with another hair restoration solution, such as laser hair therapy.

Get Hair Loss Solutions from AMS Designs, Inc.

For more than three decades, AMS Designs, Inc. has been a leader, an innovator, and a nationally-known educator in the field of hair restoration. We have solutions for men and women alike; there’s no one who can’t regain their full head of hair, along with their self-confidence, through treatments from AMS Designs, Inc.

Learn more about the hair loss solutions we can provide you. Reach out to AMS Designs, Inc. in Chicago, and schedule a consultation today.