There is hope for men and women who have lost hair—hope for total hair replacement, via a hair system, extensions, or hair integration. But what about those who are at the earliest stages of hair loss, or those whose hair loss is fairly minor? For those individuals, there may be a chance to halt the progress of hair loss, and even to initiate some new growth.

AMS Designs, Inc. is proud to offer an array of hair regrowth treatments—all of which are safe, natural, and effective ways to stimulate new growth from your follicles, and to protect against further loss.

There are a number of hair regrowth treatments available. For those who are trying to stop hair loss before it starts, we offer hair loss prevention programs—specifically Head First, the gold standard in hair loss prevention options.

We are also proud to offer our clients laser hair growth therapy, which stimulates new blood flow to the follicles and can sometimes reverse the hair loss process. AMS Designs, Inc. also provides a full line of topical thickening and re-growth products, allowing an easy way to restore your scalp health.

Hair loss can be devastating, but it’s far from inevitable. There are plenty of steps you can take to nullify the effects of hair loss. Start by visiting us at AMS Designs, Inc. in Chicago, where we can provide a full evaluation and recommend the best hair regrowth treatments to meet your needs. Call and make an appointment with us today!

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  • The salon is very private with individual styling rooms. The receptionist is incredible not only does she remember how I like my coffee she also knows if I'm in the mood for something sweet or salty. I was greeted by my stylist and escorted into the styling room. Because of the nature of my services the mirror is covered with blinds like you would cover a window and the door is closed. With expert hands my hair piece is removed and my scalp is given a luxurious cleansing and massage. I could have stayed in that shampoo bowl for hours it felt so good. While I sat back relaxing or working (free secure wifi was available, pc cords and phone cords just incase I forgot mine ) sipping my beverage of choice and munching on my snack. My stylist proceeded to give my hair piece the royal treatment. When my stylist returned my custom piece was marked and put back on perfectly. The best part was when my stylist opened up the blinds and continued to work magic. It was such a great felling to see my hair styled just the way I wanted it. I walked out feeling confident and secure with my image.

    — Anonymous

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