I almost cannot find the words to express my joy with the new hair piece. You are truly the best ever. Again, thanks to you and with my very best wishes to you and Carm for the new year.

We have known each other for many years & enjoyed them all. 

I have some feelings I’ve been wanting to share with you and Tony. Over the last two years, my self-confidence has increased beyond my wildest dreams. Before I started wearing my hair piece, I wouldn’t even sit outside in the sunlight for fear someone would notice how thin my hair was. Now I go swimming, I can sunbathe, and I even go on the Screaming Eagle roller coaster at Great America. I’ve been in snow storms and rain storms. Sure, my hair gets messed up but it never comes off and no one even knows it’s a hair piece.

Your commitment to making Jason happy was obvious by the length of time you spent with him. I’m happy to say he was so happy with the way you were able to cut and style the wig. He went to the dance Saturday night and he danced the night away. He’s been wearing the wig since and his personality is as bubbly as ever. Thank you again for being so caring and kind, you made a twelve-year-old boy very happy.

Just a short note to extend a million thanks to both of you for the hospitality, shown to the whole class of reallusions people. You are as your name says holy angel. Your treatment of us could not have been done with more class! Also, on my behalf of Moreen and myself, on high blessing to you for the kindness at the look good, feel better certification class Midwest show.

Just wanted to send a little note of thanks for everything you do for my mom and me. You send us away more beautiful every visit.

Just a note to thank you for sensitivity shown to me. You are true a true professional.

Thanks for all of your help in making me “Look better than I should” all these years.

I have never been more pleased with a decision. I have so much more self-esteem. At least two people a day comment on how beautiful my hair is. If I go to the movies or to the store, at least one guy will come up and try to pick me up. Every time I walk down the hall, guys look at me and smile. I feel so much better about myself. I feel like the ugly duckling that turned into a BEAUTIFUL SWAN!

Tony and Carm stand behind the quality of their products and their clients, they are always friendly and professional.

AMS Designs Inc. has changed my life through higher self-esteem, a great look and excellent service.

I would never take my business anywhere else. Twice before I tried other companies only to return to AMS Designs, Inc. My allegiance to AMS Designs, Inc. overshadows all others, for almost 20 years of using them. They are the best!

Quality service, quality products excellent pricing-plus Tony and Carm make you feel like family-I wish them continued success-for my sake too!

I have been wearing a hairpiece for eight years, now I have hair. AMS Designs, Inc. is rated #1. The others can’t even compare.

Competent staff, excellent work, great designs, superior styling. Gives me confidence.

I am very pleased with the service provided as well as the products offered.

When I found out what this system would cost, it is more than what I paid before. And I was leery when I got into it. But now, no matter what it costs. I would pay anything, and I think it’s a deal. I think it’s a bargain, for me to have this hair on my head and look the way I do.

Great firm-great people. Tony and Carm truly care about their clients

I’m glad I made the choice to come to AMS Designs, Inc.. The last five years they have treated me like family and I love how I look.

This is the first time in my life, that I feel like I have my hair on my head. Before I felt like it was a foreign object on my head, but I feel this is my hair. It’s totally secure, totally attached, totally natural. I can do anything. I can swim. I can shower. Do anything with it and I know when I go outside that people are looking at me and not what is on my head that looks foreign. They’re looking at me.

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  • Quality service, quality products excellent pricing-plus Tony and Carm make you feel like family-I wish them continued success-for my sake too!

    — Anonymous

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